Aggressive – this word best describes the Nicholas & Bell approach toward litigation. Although we counsel our clients to prevent litigation, when litigation issues do arise, we stand aggressively committed to providing our clients with highest caliber legal representation. The strength of our litigation attorneys flows directly from their extensive experience in litigating a full range of complex business, commercial, and governmental cases.

We confer with our clients at the beginning of the contested matter to review and discuss potential strategies and evaluate the cost and benefits associated with each option. Once we decide on an overall strategy with our client, we work with our clients to develop a budget and determine specific staffing requirements. We have experience at every level of court system, including state and federal courts. Our litigation attorneys have a natural affinity for the courtroom and have participated in more jury trials than any comparable firm. Our attorneys are skilled at winning cases before juries or a judge as they are at producing favorable results through ostensive knowledge of pretrial litigation strategies and dispute resolution.


  • All aspects of commercial litigation
  • Insurance defense litigation
  • Bankruptcy and Creditors Rights litigation
  • Real estate litigation
  • Bad faith litigation
  • Constitutional litigation
  • Uniform Commercial Code litigation
  • Health Care litigation
  • Labor and Employment litigation
  • Land Use and Environmental litigation
  • Government litigation
  • Construction litigation
  • Trade Secret and Non-Compete litigation
  • Special Asset litigation
  • Corporate litigation
  • Receivership litigation
  • Appellate litigation
  • Tort Litigation
  • Business litigation