At every level of federal and state appellate court systems, Nicholas & Bell lawyers have successfully represented clients in complex litigation appeals. We represent clients in appeals for cases we originally tried – wherein we seek to retain the excellent results garnered by our trial counsel. The diversity of the firm’s general litigation practice allows us to serve our clients’ appellate needs in all aspects of the appeal. Many appellate issues benefit from early attention once an appeal is imminent. We are diligent in preserving error at the trial level and in litigating post-trial motions.

Effective public advocacy not only requires sophistication of legal analysis, but keen oral argument and brief writing skills. The experience of our attorneys, including previous work in Florida District Courts of Appeal, allows us to represent a client’s appellate needs successfully and with utmost appellate persuasion.


  • All aspects of appellate litigation
  • Brief preparation
  • Oral argument
  • Appellate motion practice
  • Appellate research
  • Preserving trial verdicts
  • Fee recovery